Wildflower meadows to return to 100 historic sites to mark King Charles’s Coronation

English Heritage’s chosen locations include 43 castles and forts, 22 abbeys and priories and 10 historic houses.

Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire, Queen Victoria’s former home Osborne on the Isle of Wight and Tintagel Castle in Cornwall are among them.

A lawned area has also been cleared and overseeded with wildflowers at the Jewel Tower near the Palace of Westminster in central London.

Working with wildlife groups and volunteers, English Heritage will source seeds from existing meadows in the area to ensure the reintroduction of viable, local species of wildflower to each site.

Plantlife, a charity dedicated to saving wild plants and fungi, is partnering with English Heritage on the initiative, offering resources and skills.

Ian Dunn, Plantlife’s chief executive, said the project offered “a lifeline to a hundred key grassland sites and their associated wildlife, and focuses on a chapter of English natural history lost and all but forgotten”.