Walmart knows you’re stealing at self checkout & it’s not because of cameras

WALMART reportedly knows when their customers are stealing, even without looking at security cameras.

A former Walmart employee that goes by @obeygoddess on TikTok revealed a store secret to her viewers.


Walmart employees reportedly know when someone is stealing at self-checkoutCredit: Getty
If an employee suspects that someone is stealing, they can apparently freeze the machine


If an employee suspects that someone is stealing, they can apparently freeze the machineCredit: Getty

“Now what you didn’t know is Walmart employees that work in the self-checkout area carry devices around called TC devices,” she said.

“With these TC devices, we’re able to see everything you’re purchasing, how much your total purchase is, and how much each item costs.”

If an employee suspects that a shopper is stealing, they can reportedly use the devices to pause the checkout process – while the customer sees what looks like a frozen screen.

This will make the customer call for help, prompting the employee to come over.

She said: “If you already have things inside bags and you’re stealing, they’ll take everything out of the bags and be like: ‘Don’t worry, we’ll ring you up at another machine, there must be something wrong with this one.’

“And at that point, they’ll just take you to a main checkout where there’s an actual person to cash you out.”

Just because employees reportedly have these devices doesn’t mean they don’t also take advantage of their surveillance cameras.

A lawyer on TikTok advised her viewers to avoid self-checkouts all together because big box companies will pin lost inventory on shoppers, even if they didn’t mean to steal, she claims.

While Walmart has a strict “no chase” policy, they will follow you around and call the police if they feel it’s necessary, Business Insider reported.

When the store decides to take action against a shoplifter, the shopper can be charged with petty theft, Interview Area reported.

The shopper may have to pay a fine, can be put on probation, or get up to a year in jail time, according to the publication.

It was also reported that these charges can appear on background checks.

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