Two workers die at JFK airport after getting trapped in a trench


Two workers have died after becoming trapped in a trench at John F. Kennedy International Airport, in on Monday, officials said. 

The incident happened near the busy airport’s Terminal 7,  New York City Fire Department reported. 

“Due to ongoing emergency activity, please expect roadway delays in vicinity of Terminals 5 and 7 at JFK Airport,” the airport said in a tweet. 

It was reported at around 11:25am on Monday. 

A whole rescue mission of over 60 firefighters responded to the incident, local authorities said. 

The emergency crews were able to free the workers from the trench but sadly they were already dead. 

Real-time traffic data showed that an access road to the airport was closed off. 

Heavy traffic leading up to Terminal 5 was also recorded. 

The airport also warned people to expect roadway delays in vicinity of Terminals 5 and 7. 

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Firefighters report the workers fell down a 30-foot trench and were buried.

The accident happened at a construction site at the airport’s generating plant, CBS News reported. 

No flights have been impacted.