The Kardashians fighting for a spot in your newsfeed and BamaRush bliss: The week that was in pop culture

Simpler times: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson attend the 2022 Met Gala.

Evan Agostini

Simpler times: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson attend the 2022 Met Gala.

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Have you been Keeping Up?

Kar-Jenner momager Kris Jenner has been putting in overtime this weekend, with two major Kardashian bombshells dropping on the same day.

After a nine-month love affair that included tattoos and threats from an ex-husband, Kim Kardashian and comedian-turned-professional-boyfriend Pete Davidson have apparently called it quits.

Amidst the shock over how two people who seem to have nothing in common could possibly break up, another Kardashian report slipped into our news cycle: Khloe has welcomed her second baby.

Last month Khloe announced she was expecting a second child via surrogate with basketballer Tristan Thompson, who by this point has probably scored more cheating allegations in his career than points.

News of Thompson’s latest infidelity scandal broke late last year, after personal trainer Maralee Nichols gave birth to his third child while he was reportedly still dating Khloe.

The baby/breakup bombshell seemed to drop at the same time at the orchestration of Kris Jenner’s Kardashian klan planning, with Kim, like any good sister, taking the fall so Khloe can enjoy her time with her newborn.

Let’s all keep in mind Kris Jenner has one more card up her sleeve: the name announcement of Kylie Jenner’s baby boy.

Remember Kylie’s Instagram press release about changing the name of her second child back in March? After two weddings, a new TV show, a lawsuit from an ex-partner, a months long drama over an historic dress, and now a new baby and a breakup, you’d be forgiven for forgetting there was ever a Wolf Webster in the family.

My krystal ball is telling me that when we finally find out what this baby is called, we should also be bracing ourselves for a divorce, lawsuit, cancellation, or all three.

Addison and Adidas

TikTok darling Addison Rae caused a stir after appearing in an Adidas x Praying advertisement in a Holy Trinity bikini, with Father and Son plastered over her chest and Holy Spirit plastered over… you can guess where.

The image has faced immediate backlash from Christians, who claim the bikini is disrespectful to their religion and their outrage is being overlooked.

Rae quickly deleted the photo, but as everyone knows, the internet never forgets a scandal.

Personally, I think we’re overlooking an even more pressing issue within the Rae family: Addison’s mother publicly flirting with rapper Yung Gravy on TikTok.

Please, Sheri, DMs exist for a reason!

Healing our collective internet trauma with BamaRush

If Dante were to write Inferno today, being stuck in a never ending cycle of internet drama would surely be the punishment of the ninth circle of hell.

For extremely online and phone addicted people like me, it’s important to figure out ways to practice self-care so that a certain Twitter drama involving nepotism, ableism, and war crimes or the revelation a celebrity we have a parasocial relationship with is killing the earth doesn’t send us over the edge.

While moving to a cottage in the woods and going completely off the grid may be the only thing that saves me at this point, I’ve opted instead to not put my phone down at all and instead turn to a form of entertainment where my critical thinking is put on the back burner: BamaRush Tok.

Never heard of it? Every year thousands of undergraduate girls across America undergo a “rush” or recruitment process in order to join a sorority.

Last year the “pledges” (new members) at the University of Alabama went viral on TikTok for their wholesome country accents and dedication to sorority life, thus birthing the beginning of BamaRush Tok.

Could you have ever imagined watching southern belles sporting fake tans and brightly-coloured clothes while trying to achieve their lifelong dream of becoming sorority members would be so entertaining? Me neither.

Of course, there’s a lot to be said about how these establishments are built by wealthy white families to ensure the success of their wealthy white descendents, but with everything else going on, please just let me mindlessly enjoy this one thing, I’m begging you.

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