Tata Play South Talkies to Bring Hindi Dubs of South Indian Movies

Tata Play (earlier known as Tata Sky) has announced the arrival of Tata Play South Talkies. Through this service, Tata Play will air Hindi dubs of popular South Indian movies from the Telugu, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada films. This is a new value-added service from the company which promises to bring ‘South ki Dhamakedar Filmein Hindi Mein’. There are many South Indian blockbusters that people living in North India want to watch. What will be the experience with the Tata Play South Talkies? Find out ahead.

Tata Play South Talkies Details

Tata Play South Talkies will be bringing users two world premiers each month. It is an ad-free service meaning users will be able to get a seamless entertainment experience with there will be many exclusive titles which the users will get to see for the first time in Hindi on TV. Tata Play has said that this service will also be available for the customers on their smartphones via the Tata Play mobile app as Catch-up and VOD (Video-on-Demand).

Tata Play will offer this service for free for the first 5 days. Post that, the company will charge Rs 2 per day from the users to access it. This is a great initiative from Tata Play as the company recognises the growing demand for South Indian content in the Hindi language. South Indian film industry has been making some very big films and popular titles which are not just famous in Northern India but also the entire globe.

Bollywood stars are partnering up with South Indian production houses, and the same crossover is happening with the South Indian stars and the Hindi film industry. Tata Play will definitely see interest from many users to access this service since it is also available on smartphones and is completely ad-free to deliver a seamless experience.

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