Russia economy nightmare: Putin heading for major financial CRASH – new forecast released

Vladimir Putin gave the go-ahead for the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 after some 100,000 of his troops had spent several weeks massed along the border with its eastern neighbour. But since then, Western powers have retaliated with force by smashing Russia with several rounds of crushing sanctions, aimed at blowing a huge hole … Read more

Russia offering men ‘lucrative’ payments to form new ground force in Ukraine

R ussian officials have begun offering men “lucrative” cash bonuses to fight in Ukraine amid “limited levels of popular enthusiasm” for combat, according to British defence chiefs. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on Wednesday morning that the cash handouts were being offered in a bid to establish “a major new ground forces formulation”. However, … Read more

Putin loses 100th colonel in Ukraine highlighting scale of Russian losses in war

V ladimir Putin has now lost at least 100 colonels in the war in Ukraine highlighting the grave damage his forces are suffering. Video has emerged of the grief-stricken family of Lt-Col Vitaly Tsikul, 36, a tank commander, at his funeral. He is the 100th known colonel or lieutenant colonel in Russian forces to be … Read more

Not Raided by FBI: Bidens, Clintons, Russia Hoaxers, Black Lives Matter

Not Raided by FBI: Bidens, Clintons, Russia Hoaxers, Black Lives Matter, #Raided #FBI #Bidens #Clintons #Russia #Hoaxers #Black #Lives #Matter Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today: The shocking raid Monday of former President Donald Trump’s home at … Read more

Air raid siren blares as Zelensky’s men inflict more pain with night strike on Russia base

A dozen or so powerful explosions were heard this evening in Melitopol, which is located in the Zaporizhzhia region. Ivan Fedorov, the city’s mayor, wrote on his Telegram channel: “Another evening is getting restless for the Russian military.” He added: “About 10 powerful explosions are already heard in the western part of Melitopol. “We believe … Read more

The free world can’t allow Taiwan to become a second Ukraine

US speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan last week should not have been exceptional – it merely reaffirmed the right of elected legislators to declare their support for democracy there.  I hope that many more defenders of freedom and democracy will soon follow suit. Yet the visit was followed by live-fire exercises and naval manoeuvres … Read more

‘Suicidal!’ UN chief warns against nuclear plant attack as Russia shells Zaporizhzhia

Antonio Guterres, 73, suggested the threat of nuclear confrontation had returned after decades in which it was a less significant concern. The ex-Portuguese Prime Minister also called on nuclear states to commit to no first use of the weapons. However, Guterres went on to claim any attack on a nuclear plant is a “suicidal thing”. … Read more


Russia , #Russia Welcome to O L A S M E D I A TV N E W S, This is what we have for you today: Russia said Friday it was “ready to discuss” a prisoner swap with Washington at the presidential level, a day after the drug conviction of U.S. basketball star Brittney … Read more

RAF pilot training in crisis due to faulty aircrafts amid threat from Russia and China

A set of leaked documents assessed by Sky News shows that Royal Air Force (RAF) recruits are spending months – sometimes years – effectively flying desks instead of warplanes as they wait for training slots to open. As per the report, the delays could hamper the future availability of crews to operate frontline Typhoon and … Read more