Plan to increase PRSI to cover Taoiseach’s promise of keeping pension age at 66

Workers and employers will have to shoulder the financial burden of the Government’s plans to keep the state pension age at 66. RSI contributions are set to rise in the coming years to ensure the pension age does not increase. While the Taoiseach vowed to Fianna Fáil party colleagues the pension age would stay unchanged, … Read more

Spider contacts mysterious pal as they launch secret plan in Coronation Street

Ah, he’s back! (Picture: ITV) Spider (Martin Hancock) has returned to Coronation Street, and it feels like he’s never been away! Shockingly though, Spider was last seen in 2003 – a lot has happened in Weatherfield and life in general since we last saw him. Wonder if he’ll find out about the tram crash…and Underworld … Read more

Wind Developers Plan to Add 6 Gigawatts of U.S. Offshore Wind Capacity through 2029

Power plant developers and operators have reported plans to install more than 6 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind capacity at sites mostly along the U.S. eastern seaboard over the next seven years, according to our latest Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory report. These additions include projects off the coasts of New Jersey, Maryland, and Virginia, as well … Read more

News headlines: Counties with the highest Covid rates revealed; Budget plan to give families €200 electricity grant again

Here are the top stories across this morning in one place. Pre-budget plans include possible repeat of €200 electricity bill cut Households could see electricity bills reduced by another €200 next year under plans being discussed by the Government ahead of the Budget. ‘Aer Lingus made no attempt to help, it was ridiculously bad … Read more

GB News: Sturgeon torn to shreds over Indyref2 plan -‘Sorry sunshine you can’t do it!’

Speaking to Dan Wootton Alan Cochrane, former Scottish Editor of The Daily Telegraph said it was “bizarre” that the First Minister was going to take her plan for a second vote to the Supreme Court. The veteran journalist argued that the SNP leader knew that if she asked her law advocate for permission to stage … Read more

Does Plan B Have a Weight Limit?

In 2011, a team of researchers in Scotland were investigating why the emergency contraceptive pill, commonly known as Plan B, seemed to fail in a small portion of the population, and made an alarming discovery: the pill failed at higher rates among women with a higher B.M.I., or body mass index. Since then, several researchers … Read more

What Biden is REALLY offering Turkey as US finally give backing to Erdogan’s F16 jet plan

Now, the US says it “fully supports” Turkey’s plan to modernise its fleet of F-16 fighter aircrafts, officials claim, despite concerns over its handling of human rights. Before Russia launched its invasion in Ukraine, more than 50 US lawmakers sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinked and Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin insisting they reject … Read more

‘Something great happening here!’ Mordaunt hails Brexit Britain’s NEW global trade plan

Writing exclusively for, international trade minister Ms Mordaunt has hailed the latest move maximising the freedoms gained from leaving the European Union (EU) pointing out that Britain’s economic success is dependent on relationships outside Europe. It comes as the Department for International Trade published its plans to remove hundreds of trade barriers while protecting … Read more

Dire warning as UK could cut off gas supplies to Europe under emergency plan

Shutting down the so-called interconnector pipelines to the Netherlands and Belgium could be an early emergency measure that could be taken. It could be part of a four stage plan which could also include rationing gas to industrial units and asking households to reduce consumption, according to The Financial Times. The plan is due to … Read more