Chris Cuomo Opens Up About Abrupt CNN Exit: “I Don’t Like How It Ended”

Chris Cuomo visited HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher on Friday and reflected on his exit from CNN. At the start of the sit-down, host Bill Maher asked Cuomo if he was happy that his recently launched podcast, The Chris Cuomo Project, has been getting attention. Cuomo was previously a CNN host until the cable … Read more

Former CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Lands New Primetime Show on NewsNation

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is returning to primetime TV. Cuomo will host a primetime show for NewsNation, the cable news channel owned by local TV giant Nexstar. The news was revealed on the channel Tuesday night in an interview with NewsNation’s 9 PM host Dan Abrams. Cuomo’s show will debut in the fall. “I … Read more

Крис Лихт формирует свою команду лидеров на CNN

Си-Эн-Эн Исполнительный директор Крис Лихт назначил свою исполнительную команду, укрепив непосредственных подчиненных, которые будут помогать руководить глобальными операциями кабельного новостного канала. Назначения Лихта – это в основном давние сотрудники CNN, что отражает желание сместить акцент CNN на важные новости, а не желание внести кардинальные изменения. «Теперь, когда эта сильная команда создана, начинается настоящая работа», — … Read more

Uvalde school police chief ‘repeatedly tries to negotiate with gunman even as he continues to fire’ 

Body camera footage captured the moment the Uvalde school police chief repeatedly tried to negotiate with the 18-year-old gunman who opened fire into a classroom and killed 21 people. Police Chief Peter Arredondo was on his phone in the hallway at Robb Elementary, begging shooter Salvador Ramos to stop his attack. Arredondo told Ramos ‘this … Read more

Robert Kraft, 80 and fiancée, 47, join billionaires at ultra-elite Sun Valley conference

By Laura Collins, chief investigative reporter for  They say blondes have more fun but, as these exclusive pictures show, Dana Blumberg knew how to enjoy herself just fine during her days as a red-headed medical student in Missouri. Today she is a blonde Manhattanite, esteemed ophthalmologist, and the future Mrs. Robert Kraft with a … Read more

Highland Park shooter dressed as a woman and fled with the crowd

Highland Park gunman Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo dressed up as a woman to carry out yesterday’s attack and was able to flee in the crowd because of the disguise, cops revealed on Tuesday.  Crimo, 21, has not yet been charged for the massacre but he remains in custody and is speaking with the authorities.  Police on … Read more

В отчете NYT говорится, что Такер Карлсон «подогрел страх белых, чтобы завоевать кабель» — видео CNN

Дэвид Зуравик реагирует на трехсерийный сериал New York Times о Такере Карлсоне, играющем одновременно «уродливого агрессора» и «обиженного американца». Эйприл Райан называет это «расистским развлечением, которое он делает правдоподобным».

Байден: «Американская демократия — это не реалити-шоу» — видео CNN

Эйприл Райан, Молли Болл, Ли Энн Колдуэлл и Дэвид Зуравик анализируют выступления президента Байдена и Тревора Ноа на ужине корреспондентов Белого дома в 2022 году.