Sports18: How to Access in D2h, Dish TV, Sun Direct and More

Football is the most watched sport in the World. The biggest football tournament, FIFA World Cup 2022, started with a bang. There have been some major upsets and shocks so far.

A lot of football attention towards the FIFA World Cup 2022 is given by the Indian fans. For this edition of the FIFA World Cup, the official broadcasters for India’s matches are Sports 18 1, Sports 18 1 HD, and Sports 18 Khel.

Sports18 1 and Sports18 1 HD are Paid Channels

Sports18 1 and Sports18 1 HD have to be subscribed at a certain amount on your Set-Top Boxes. These are the English commentary channels. The channels are available on Tata Play, Airtel Digital TV, Dish TV, and Sun Direct. For Tata Play, the cost of the channel is Rs 14.16 and Rs 8 for Airtel Digital TV.

Sports18 Khel is Free of Cost

Indian fans also have the option to watch matches for free on their TVs. Sports18 Khel is a Hindi commentary channel that is free of cost. However, the channel is still not available everywhere in the country. It is only accessible in certain regions of India.

There is a Certain Way How to Add the Channels on Different Platforms

For Tata Play-

Adding Sports18 1 and Sports18 1 HD channels to Tata Play can be done in a few different ways: with a phone, app, or SMS.

  • Sending ADD channel number> to 56633 from your registered phone number will add your channel by SMS.
  • Call 1800-208-6633 from your registered phone number to add channels over the phone by speaking with a customer service representative.
  • You must sign into your account and select the “A-la-carte” option in order to add channels via the app.

For Airtel Digital TV-

You can add Sports18 channels to Airtel Digital TV using SMS, a missed call, or an app.

  • Send ADD to 54325 to add Sports 18 channels by SMS. Airtel will respond and ask you to add whatever channel number. Include the channel number you want to include in your reply.
  • Call 9154052XXX to add the channels using a missed call. Put the channel number in place of the final three Xs.
  • The Airtel Thanks app also allows you to add your favourite channels. Under the “Add Channel” option, which allows you to add individual channels, is the “A-la-carte” option.

For D2h-

Single channels can be added to Videocon D2H via phone, missed call, SMS, internet, and app.

  • Call 9115691156 and speak with the customer service representative who has the channel number to add a channel to D2H over the phone.
  • When you make a missed call to 1800-3150-222 from your registered phone number, a D2H customer care representative will call you. Tell them the channel you wish to add by giving them the number.
  • Send ADD to 566777 or 9212012299 to add a channel to D2H via SMS.
  • You must sign in to your account in order to add a channel to D2H using an app or website. Choose “A-la-Carte channels” under the “Channels” option, then “Sports 18 channels” from the list you want to watch.

For Dish TV-

You may add channels to Dish TV through SMS, missed calls, the website, and apps.

  • In order to add a channel to your Dish TV subscription via SMS, send DISHTV GET channel number> to 57575.
  • Make a missed call to 1800-568-XXXX and enter the channel number in place of the X. If the channel number is three digits, place a 0 before it.
  • To add individual channels, select the “A-la-Carte” option on the website or mobile app and sign in to your account.

For Sun Direct-

You can add your channels to Sun Direct DTH through phone, missed call, or website.

  • Make a call to 1800-123-7575 or 1800-103-7575 from your registered phone number to add TV channels to your Sun Direct subscription. You must give the customer service representative the channel number.
  • When you make a missed call to 7601012345 from your registered phone number, Sun Direct customer care will contact you back and ask you which channel number to add.
  • Adding a channel is also possible using the website. To add the channel from the subscription pack menu, you must log into your account.