Smashed again, Warriors suffer heavy 48-10 loss to Rabbitohs in Sunshine Coast

At Sunshine Coast Stadium, Sunshine Coast: Rabbitohs 48 (Lachlan Ilias 3 min, Damien Cook 10 min, Tevita Tatola 16 min, Keaon Koloamatangi 21 min, Latrell Mitchell 30 min, 56 min, Alex Johnston 35 min, Izaac Thompson 43 min tries; Mitchell 8 goals). Warriors 10 (Edward Kosi 26 min Shaun Johnson 50 min tries; Johnson goal). HT: 36-6.

The Warriors were blown away by the Rabbitohs at Sunshine Coast Stadium on Saturday, losing 48-10 in yet another disappointing performance this season.

In the build up, Warriors players talked about being up for this game, even though there was nothing to play for, but there wasn’t any evidence of that as it was one-way traffic from the first minute to the 80th.

You have to feel for Stacey Jones, who watched on, frustrated, from the coach’s box. He was thrown a hospital pass when Nathan Brown quit the team and inherited a squad that’s lost its way.

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Whatever happens over the remaining month of the season, it shouldn’t tarnish Jones’ reputation as a coach.

The Rabbitohs got an early lead against the Warriors at Sunshine Coast Stadium and never came close to relinquishing it.

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

The Rabbitohs got an early lead against the Warriors at Sunshine Coast Stadium and never came close to relinquishing it.

He knew what he was walking into when agreeing to take the job, but his loyalty to the club probably meant he couldn’t turn it down.

But it would have hurt him to see a game like this, as it would have been for anyone who’s cheered on the club.

Yes, this really was bad. It was all too easy for the Rabbitohs to make ground in every tackle in every set, while for the Warriors each metre seemed a huge battle.

One of the few positives from a Warriors point of view was hooker Freddy Lussick.

The 21-year-old had a huge game on defence, something not many of his team-mates could say, while he was also lively with his distribution at dummy half.

Tevita Tatola scored one of the Rabbitohs’ eight tries on Saturday.

Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Tevita Tatola scored one of the Rabbitohs’ eight tries on Saturday.

Edward Kosi also played pretty well on the left wing. But aside from these two, there are few in the Warriors team who can hold their heads high after this performance.

It didn’t take long for the Rabbitohs to score the first try, with Lachlan Ilias running through a horrendously big gap between Bayley Sironen and Wayde Egan close to their goal line.

The Rabbitohs’ second try came in the 10th minute. Cameron Murray made the break after receiving a pass from Damien Cook. After making ground he returned the ball to Cook, who went 30 more metres to score.

Even at this early stage, the game was looking like a train wreck for the Warriors and that was even more the case when Tevita Tatola bagged the Bunnies’ third try, in the 18th minute.

The Warriors were waving the white flag, but the Rabbitohs still saw red and Keaon Koloamatangi scored another soft try in the 21st minute.

In the 27th minute the Warriors at last got on the board with Kosi scoring in the left corner, benefiting from the Rabbitohs’ defence being too narrow.

There was never any suggestion of an incredible comeback happening though and Latrell Mitchell made sure of that by getting through some more pathetic defence for the Rabbitohs’ next try.

The Rabbitohs, who are battling to make the eight, had points differential to think about in the second half. So the tries kept coming, with Izaac Thompson and Mitchell scoring for the Bunnies.

In return Shaun Johnson scored a try for the Warriors, although the second half was scrappy and without the intensity from the Rabbitohs that they showed over the first 40 minutes.

The big moment

Lachlan Ilias’s try for the Rabbitohs in the third minute. It was downhill for the Warriors after that.

Match rating

4/10: This wasn’t even close to being a contest and it’s not as if the Rabbitohs were playing incredible footy either.

The big picture

Incoming Warriors coach Andrew Webster might be enjoying a run to the finals with the Panthers right now, but he got a reminder what he’s in for next season. The club’s fans will be hoping he doesn’t do a backflip for, family reasons.


Cameron Murray set up three of the Rabbitohs’ tries in the first half and the Warriors defence were incapable of dealing with him when he had the ball in hand.

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