Shirtless man attempts to ’roundhouse kick’ construction worker

The assault happened outside the Dunedin Railway Station. Photo: PETER MCINTOSH/File

A man attempted to assault three construction workers outside the Dunedin Railway Station this afternoon.

An Otago Daily Times reporter saw the man approaching three Naylor Love workers, and holding his fists up to instigate a fight about 12.10pm.

He then tried to remove his shirt and “roundhouse kick” one of the workers before fleeing behind the train station on foot.

“I’m alright, not hurt, but definitely shaken,” the worker said.

The man then ran over the top of the hood of a vehicle parked behind the train station and fled on a push bike, witnesses say.

Two police officers arrived at the scene shortly after and were seen speaking with the victims.

No-one is believed to been injured during the attempted assault.

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