Samsung US starts a week of discounts: Galaxy S23, Z foldables, Tab S8 slates and more

Samsung US is running a week-long sales event dubbed “Discover Samsung”. It’s a big company and it makes a lot of things, so if you visit you will find discounts on TVs, washing machines, portable SSDs and gaming monitors.

We are more concerned with the smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, of course. Here are the best offers this week.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23+ are up to 88% off with enhanced trade-in credit reaching $700 – this is for unlocked units to boot. You can send in old phones (including ones with cracked screens), tablets and watches. For example, an old S22 can net you $400 (half that if the screen is cracked).

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can be discounted by up to 60% with up to $750 in enhanced trade-in credit. The same rules apply. An S22 Ultra is valued at $700, an S21 Ultra at $550 ($385 and $235, respectively with a damaged screen).

If you’re interested in the S23 series, you may want to hold out for the daily deals. On March 23 the Galaxy S23+ will get a $100 discount (and the SmartTag+ is at half price, $20). One day later (March 24) the S23 Ultra will come with a $100 e-certificate on top of the up to $750 trade-in credit. These two are daily deals, so they will be available for 24 hours starting at 9am on the day.

Foldables are the new hotness, though their price might make you wince. The Discover deals help soften the blow on your wallet – both the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 get a free memory upgrade, plus $720 and $360 discounts, respectively.

As an alternative to the brand new flagships, you can get Certified Renewed units from Samsung from the S21 era – the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra are available with $100, $125 and $150 discounts, respectively. That is discounts on top of the already lower price due to these being refurbished units.

If you want something new if not current, check out the Galaxy S22 Flash Deal tomorrow (March 22) between 12 and 4 PM ET. This is a phone from last year, of course, so it costs a lot less than it did when it launch, but you also get a $100 discount on top of that.

There are tablet deals too, but before we get to them let’s cover some accessories. Various phone cases and chargers are up to 40% off. Also, the Wi-Fi variant of the vanilla Galaxy Watch5 is $30 off, the LTE model is $60 off.

The Galaxy Buds2 is down to $110 with a $40 discount, the more capable Buds2 Pro model is $30 off, so it goes for $200.

As promised, here are the tablet deals. The base Galaxy Tab S8 comes with a $100 instant rebate and up to $500 of enhanced trade-in credit. This means that the tablet can be had for as little as $200.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ and also comes with a mix of $100 instant rebate and enhanced trade-in credit (up to $500).

The deal for the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra gets the same deal, $100 off right away, plus up to $500 if you have an old device to send in. Note that there are additional perks that you can get, check on