Russian propagandist killed in explosion at St Petersburg cafe


“The power of the explosive device in the cafe in St Petersburg amounted to more than 200 grams of TNT,” Baza quoted Russian police as saying.

Tatarskiy has reported widely from the frontlines during the conflict and was considered particularly anti-Ukrainian, even among the hardcore nationalist community.

He last updated his Telegram feed at 2pm, a few hours before he was killed, urging the Russian army to use cluster bombs against the Ukrainian army, praising Wagner adverts that he had seen across Russia and raging against plans to build a mosque near a Russian Orthodox church in Moscow.

“It’s nice to see such outdoor advertising. I also saw Wagner adverts in Rostov,” he wrote today under a photo of an advert for the mercenary group in Moscow.

“But in many cities this is not yet the case. I hope the only reason is that they simply have not had time to order them.”

The avatar of Tatarskiy’s Telegram channel was a skull and crossbones, similar to the Wagner branding.

Russia’s Federal Security Service accused Ukraine’s secret services last August of killing Darya Dugina, the daughter of an ultra-nationalist, in a car bomb attack near Moscow that President Vladimir Putin called “evil”. Ukraine denied involvement.

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