Ooredoo Qatar to Rollout Fibre to the Room Technology

Ooredoo Qatar, the leading communications company in Qatar, has announced its preparedness for the rollout of Fibre to the Room (FTTR) technology, a new technology for home internet customers. Ooredoo Qatar claims this technology solution deployment as the first in Qatar.

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Ooredoo Qatar Fibre to the Room (FTTR) Technology

Ooredoo Qatar says the new Fibre to the Room (FTTR) technology allows customers to connect every room in their home, including the majlis, to superfast Fibre cable resulting in improved coverage of up to 10x, stable speed throughout the house, no blind spots, enhanced video and gaming quality, and the ability to connect more devices at maximum internet speed.

Increased Internet Speed Demands

The increased demand for consistent high-speed internet in homes for working remotely, HD+ live broadcasts, 8K video streaming, VR apps and games, smart home devices, and more requires a reliable and low latency connection. Fibre to the Room (FTTR) provides an upgrade to the overall customer experience, meeting these demanding needs.

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In a statement, Ooredoo Qatar said that the company is thrilled to be leading the charge in digital innovation by testing Fibre to the Room technology (FTTR) in the country. It is committed to delivering the latest technological advancements to customers and is excited to bring this revolutionary solution to its customers soon. With FTTR, the telco is taking a major step forward in delivering faster and more reliable internet to homes across the country. In addition, Ooredoo said it is excited to witness how this technology will revolutionize its customers’ digital experiences.

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FTTR Experience to over 99% of Households in Qatar

With Ooredoo’s Fibre network connecting over 99% of households in Qatar, a significant number of customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of this solution. Ooredoo will soon announce the next phase of the project, providing the solution to customer homes and assisting them in further enhancing their digital experiences.