Nokia Tests 4.9G/LTE Private Wireless Network for Voice and Data Capabilities

Nokia, a Finnish telecom gear giant, said that it has successfully completed testing of data and voice calls over the world’s first 4.9G/LTE private wireless network for supporting European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 Signalling for phase 1 of NCRTC’s Regional Rapid Transit System. Nokia said that this is a multi-year project which will cover over 82 kilometres of rail route with 25 stations between Delhi and Meerut. It will be implemented in four stages, and the target year for completing the project is 2025.

To offer highly reliable commuter service, Nokia will be using 4.9G/LTE along with ETCS Level 2 signalling to support advanced broadband applications. Trains will be able to report their precise location in real-time, leveraging the ETCS Level 2 signalling. A major benefit of this would be that commuters will get real-time location updates of the trains, which will reduce the waiting time in the railway stations.

Nokia will be providing its Evolved Packet Core (EPC), NetAct, Compact Mobile Unit (MCU), installation, and commissioning and integrations services. To ensure smooth operations overall, Nokia will also deliver Operation Control Center (OCC) and Back-Up Control Center (BCC). Alstom will help Nokia in setting up this private network.

For the unaware, Nokia has deployed mission-critical networks for more than 2,200 leading enterprises across several verticals, including energy, transport, manufacturing, large enterprises and more.

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