Nine in 10 people who died of Covid were over 65 as counties with most deaths revealed

More than nine in 10 Covid-19 deaths in the first two years of the pandemic occurred in people aged over 65 years.

hat’s according to new data published as part of the Central Statistics Offices’ (CSO) ‘Frontier Series’, which has revealed that between March 1, 2020 and February 28, 2022 Covid-19 was identified as the “underlying cause of death” in 5,384 cases.

Dublin recorded the highest number of Covid-related deaths over the period, with 1,883 lives lost, which is 35pc of the national total.

512 deaths were reported in Cork City and County over the same period, with 279 in Kildare, 263 in Limerick, 200 in Mayo and 182 in Donegal.

The Dublin City local electoral area (LEA) recorded 17pc of the national total at 915, while 390 deaths were recorded in Dublin South, 278 in Dublin Fingal and 264 in the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown area.

The highest number of reported deaths by LEA outside of Dublin was Cork County at 284.

Meanwhile, the lowest number was reported in Leitrim at 26, followed by Galway City and Longford with 36 each.

When looking at the data by age, 91pc of deaths occurred in people aged 65 years and over, including 75pc in those aged 75 years and above and 42pc in persons aged 85 years and over.

505 deaths were recorded in people aged under 65, including 127 in those aged 45-55, 51 in people aged 25-44 and five in people aged under 25 years, including one child aged under 14 years.

In terms of where the deaths occurred, 3,176 (59pc) people died in general and orthopaedic hospitals, with 1,564 (29pc) in nursing homes.

Homes deaths accounted for 4.8pc (257), with 3.4pc (183) recorded at community hospitals. No deaths were reported in maternity or paediatric hospitals over the period.

The CSO said: “The analysis focuses on deaths where Covid-19 was found to have been the underlying cause of death. A death certificate may list multiple causes of death, based on which the UCOD is identified by applying specific guidelines from the World Health Organization.”

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