Multiple guns found at A$AP Rocky's LA home during search

Law enforcement implemented a search at A$AP Rocky’s LA house.

They turned up multiple guns and will run ballistic tests to verify if A$AP Rocky possesses the firearm used in an argument in Hollywood.

The ballistic test will determine if A$AP Rocky was the triggerman who shot a man.

Police will also determine if the firearms are legal. They will run a background test on every weapon and assure the origin of every gun.

TMZ reported last week about A$AP Rocky’s detention at a private Los Angeles terminal.

The rapper came back from Barbados and Rocky was taken into custody for assault with a deadly weapon.

The arrest relates to an incident that happened on November 6, 2021, in which an alleged victim assured that Rocky shot them three or four times, grazing his left hand.

Officials claim that A$AP did know the alleged victim.

Events & arrest

The victim and the rapper argued. After the incident between the two, the shooting would have happened, information corroborated by LAPD, according to TMZ.

According to Rocky’s legal team, they were surprised and shocked by the arrest and the allegations about the shooting.

Law enforcement decided to arrest A$AP Rocky arriving at the airport and on his jet.

It was a surprise element tactic for avoiding any calls to hide all his weapons before the search process.

A$AP flew from Barbados, where he was with Rihanna, to Los Angeles on a private jet.

The police were already waiting for him at a private LAX terminal, where the musician was detained and handcuffed.