iPhone 13 is Rs 10000 More Affordable than iPhone 14

iPhone 13 is going to be a more affordable iPhone than the iPhone 14. It is obvious as the iPhone 13 is a year older than the iPhone 14. However, considering the differences between the two devices, the iPhone 13 is not really a bad option. The iPhone 14 has only a few extra features, such as Action Mode, which is nothing but a fancy term for the stability video mode, as well as support for 4K recording in Cinematic Mode. Both devices are powered by the same chipset – A15 Bionic and come with the same display as well as the same other specs. Let’s take a look at the prices of the devices.

iPhone 13 Price in India

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 both come with 128GB as their base storage variant. Both are available on Flipkart as well. The iPhone 13 is available at a starting price of Rs 62,999 on Flipkart. There’s an HDFC Bank card offer with which the device would be further discounted by Rs 2000. So the price would come down to Rs 60,999 effectively.

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iPhone 14 Price in India

iPhone 14 is currently available at a price of Rs 72,999. With an HDFC Bank card, the device would be further discounted by Rs 4000. This would bring down the price of the smartphone to Rs 68,999. This means the iPhone 14 would effectively be only Rs 8000 more expensive than the iPhone 13.

While both the devices are almost the same, the iPhone 14 has different colour options and would get one more year of major OS updates from Apple. But in terms of power, both smartphones are mostly the same and can deliver the kind of power that would let a user do everything they want to. You can also alternatively check the price of the iPhones on other websites or online retail stores to see if you can bag a better offer.