Imran Khan’s arrest warrant cancelled after police use bulldozers to raid house

A controversial arrest warrant against Imran Khan, the former Pakistani prime minister, was cancelled on Saturday after a day of drama in which police broke into his home using a bulldozer.

The ex-cricketing star had been facing arrest for skipping several court hearings over charges that he failed to declare gifts received during his time as premier, or the profit made from selling them.

The 70-year-old has been tangled in a slew of court cases since he was ousted in a no-confidence motion last April

He has been pressuring the fragile coalition government which replaced him to hold early elections despite being disqualified from parliament in October for making “false statements and incorrect declarations” regarding the gifts.

This week saw Mr Khan’s supporters fighting pitched battles with police who were sent to arrest him at his home in the eastern city of Lahore after he failed to appear in court once again. 

On Saturday he finally travelled to the Islamabad court complex, but was unable to get out of his car after around 4,000 supporters turned up and pelted police officers with stones and bricks. Officers responded with tear gas.