I took my dog to the groomer & now she looks like a totally different animal

A WOMAN who took her dog to the groomer’s says her beloved pooch is now a very different animal and should be roaming the savannah.

The TikTok user known as “epcathletics” took to the social media site to share footage to her 58,000 followers of the adorable pet before and after getting a “haircut”.


The adorable Australian shepherd has a big, shaggy coat before getting a trim
The dog's owner thought her pooch looked more like a giraffe after getting a 'haircut'


The dog’s owner thought her pooch looked more like a giraffe after getting a ‘haircut’

At the start of the short clip the Australian shepherd appears on a lead with a big, shaggy coat.

The TikToker captioned the footage: “My dog got a haircut and now she looks like a giraffe”.

It then cuts to the dog after having its fur cut off as it sits calmly in the back of the woman’s car with its head poking above the front seats.

The loveable dog looks almost unrecognisable from its previous appearance.

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Finally, the footage ends with the dog back home and showing off its new look.

The post quickly took off, notching up more than 4,000 likes and nearly 700 likes.

The pooch clearly has lots of admirers who showed their love of the dog.

One commentator wrote: “Cute little baby.”

Another added: “Love your dog. So cute!!”

The same person later commented: “It’s my dream dog that.”

A third person said: “LOL my Australian shepherd looks the exact same.”

It comes after another woman posted before and after footage of her dog when going to the groomer’s.

User “trixxiecam” jokingly captioned her footage: “I think the groomer gave me the wrong dog?”

She added the hashtag “Ewok” referencing the fictional animals that live on the planet moon of Endor in the Star Wars film Return of the Jedi.

Last month, another woman took to the site to claim she had been scammed after goldendoddle puppy changed colour as it grew up.

The dog owner shared photos of her brown furred pooch.

As the clip plays out, the fluffy dog gradually gets lighter and lighter in colour.

The dog, named Porter, then starts to get patches of white fur as clumps of dark fall away.

Porter eventually turns completely white.

However, many users said the change of fur was normal in this breed of dog.

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It comes after a woman who splashed out on an expensive purebred mini poodle revealed why you should never buy a dog on Facebook Marketplace.

You should only ever buy a dog from a certificated breeder and generally steer clear of purchasing animals online.

The dog showed off its dramatic new look at the end of the clip


The dog showed off its dramatic new look at the end of the clip