I haven’t washed my hair in two years and call my bathroom ‘No ‘Poo Nation’


A WOMAN has revealed she hasn’t stocked shampoo or conditioner in her shower for two years. 

TikTok user Rosie, otherwise known as @vegesis, explained how she calls her bathroom the ‘No ‘Poo Nation’ and her hair has never been healthier. 

A woman has revealed she hasn't washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner for two years


A woman has revealed she hasn’t washed her hair with shampoo and conditioner for two yearsCredit: TikTok/vegesis
The brunette said most people are shocked by this revelation


The brunette said most people are shocked by this revelationCredit: TikTok/vegesis
Rosie said she's named her bathroom the 'No 'Poo Nation'


Rosie said she’s named her bathroom the ‘No ‘Poo Nation’Credit: TikTok/vegesis

While trolls have said that her mane looks “dry” as a result of her hair care routine, she maintains that it’s done her a world of good. 

“I haven’t washed my hair for two years,” she started her video while holding two fingers up. 

Dressed in a white and yellow shirt with her brunette tresses straight down, cascading over her shoulder, she continued: “I think every time I tell someone that they are so shocked.

“…Because everyone thinks you need to wash your hair every single day or once a week or whatever with shampoo.

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“And I have not washed my hair with anything except just water for 2 years.” 

Rosie said there’s not issue with her styling her mane down or up, but she does find that the town she used to live in had “trickier” water. 

“I used to have to occasionally do a bicarb and vinegar wash,” she said.

“But since I’ve moved out of town, I’ve lived here for two years, and once I got on the tank water it was amazing.” 

Turning the camera around to show off her shower, she then explained that viewers will find no shampoo in her bathroom or in her grocery cart. 

“We don’t need it… My partner doesn’t use it, I don’t use it. Welcome to No ‘Poo Nation.”

In the caption, she added: “Is anyone else part of the #nopoomovement ?”. [sic] 

People were not quite impressed with her locks though and took to the comments section to share their thoughts on her supposed life hack. 

“Looks kinda dry and dull,” one person wrote. 

Another said: “doesn’t look Shiney though,” [sic] but others were more supportive as one countered: “It looks better than mine after 2 days.” 

While another viewer asked: “How did you start?”

She replied: “Just stopped used shampoo one day, there is an adjustment period where you scalp starts to re-regulate it’s oil correctly but after it’s golden”. [sic] 

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“What a bicarb vinegar wash,” [sic] someone else quizzed.

She responded: “Mix bicarb and water to make a paste, scrub through your hair roots then add vinegar again, scrub and then wash out”. [sic]