HBO Max Will Be Replaced the Following Year by a New Service

HBO Max is still alive. However, HBO Max and Discovery Plus will be replaced by a new service by the summer of 2023, according to Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who spoke on an earnings call today.

Zaslav said that HBO Max offers a competitive feature set, but it has had performance and customer concerns. The app frequently has streaming troubles when viewers tune in for popular appointment shows like Euphoria and Succession. He continued by asserting that Discovery Plus has a superior tech stack and will serve as the foundation of the new service, which will merge HBO Max’s programming with Discovery Plus’s content and technology.

More Information on the Future App

Later in the call, after assuring listeners that the business wouldn’t be cancelling HBO Max-related shows, Zaslav stated, “We think the product is going to be terrific.” After a week of concern for users, this news is released. The business decided to move the nearly finished Batgirl to the vault and take it off the release schedule early in the week. Additional HBO Max-only movies vanished from the service but are still available for purchase or rental. The Wrap then reported that HBO Max and the in-house creative development teams were in a bad situation.

During the call, Zaslav made an effort to allay those worries and stressed that HBO Max programming was, on the whole, strong and supported by the firm as a whole. Zaslav stated during the call’s question-and-answer session that HBO Max has begun to establish itself as a brand unto itself, one that is particularly connected with excellence. Warner Brothers Discovery’s new merged service may have a different name, but we won’t know for sure until after Zaslav further reorganises his new company in the upcoming year.

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