From back row to guitar solo

If Eddie Platt had known what was coming, he might have backed out immediately.

The wide-eyed 13-year-old guitarist was sitting near the back of the Mayfair Theatre, watching his role model and guitar tutor Che Long performing in the backing band for the Rock Tenors show on opening night.

Then he got the shock of his life when his tutor pulled him out of the audience and got him to play with the band in the Guns n’ Roses hit, Live and Let Die — a song his tutor had given him to learn earlier this year.

Eddie sensed the opportunity.

He shredded the guitar solos like Slash himself, and the audience went nuts.

“They were standing up, shouting my name — Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. It was really cool”

It was only his third time playing to a live audience, and this one was the biggest and loudest by far.

The band was so impressed with his performance, they asked show producer Doug Kamo if he could play for the remaining nine shows.

Mr Kamo gave Eddie the thumbs-up.

“It was a very exciting moment and one that won the audience over completely and became the highlight of opening night,’’ Mr Kamo said.

“It’s been a great experience for him and one he will never forget”

Eddie said it had inspired him to keep practising and he was looking forward to being involved with even bigger concerts in the future — maybe a stadium or two.

Asked if he wanted to become a professional musician and have all the sex, drugs and alcohol of a hardened rock guitarist on the road, he said: “No, I think I’ll be a nice guitarist. I don’t want to disappoint my mum’’.

Tonight’s show is the last for the season.

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