Fed-up homeowner launched £80k revenge on neighbour over parking dispute

A FED-up homeowner launched an £80,000 act of revenge on her neighbour over a parking dispute – and it’s earned her praise.

The woman, who has not been named, said her neighbour has a whopping nine cars, which are always parked outside her home.


A woman has opened up about how she took revenge on her neighbour – and cost them £80,000Credit: Getty

Despite asking on many occasions, the neighbour refuses to move the vehicles, even though they have space in their massive driveway.

But, after months of losing the parking battle the homeowner spotted something – a second unit on the neighbour’s property.

Assuming they didn’t have planning permission, she reported it to her local council.

The neighbour then had to pull the building down – losing out on a whopping £80,000.

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The woman, under the name kiljoy2408, took to Reddit to share the situation.

She said: “My neighbours have 9 cars total parked in the street.

“They always park two of those cars in front of my house and won’t move them.”

The homeowner said what made matters worse was the neighbour had “a pretty big driveway where they can fit four cars” – but they don’t use it because they say it looks “tacky”.

She continued: “It’s always empty.”

It was then that the woman noticed the neighbours had speedily built a unit behind their house.

She said: “This raised some red flags because it takes anywhere from two-three months with city inspections taking the majority of time.”

Assuming the neighbours had cut corners, she reached out to her council and said: “There might be an ‘illegal residential building without permits.'”

Then, last week, she watched on as the neighbour was forced to rip down the unit – which she says would have been a loss of more than £80,000.

And, she was showered with praise online.

One person wrote: “Don’t be a d… to your neighbors if you’re building illegal s….”

One woman said: “They had it coming.”

Another said: “Really, they cost themselves that money for trying to cut corners.

“If the building was up to par and correctly placed, the inspector would most likely have told them to apply for the permits retroactively.”

It’s not uncommon for neighbour rows to end in a big blow-up – especially over parking spaces.

In recent days a motorist slammed his neighbour after secret footage revealed a parking debacle on their street.

The shocking video shows his neighbour trying to pinch a parking spot but in turn made himself look like a mug.

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Another heated parking row also popped up online, showing neighbours being petty and blocking a cul-de-sac.

In the Tiktok video the resident documents a number of mini-wars with other locals – sparking debate online.