Explore the Top Hindi Mystery Thrillers Available on OTT Platforms Now

Explore the Top Hindi Mystery Thrillers Available on OTT Platforms Now

In Indian cinema, Bollywood mystery thrillers have become one of the most well-liked subgenres due to the volume and calibre of their recent releases. The titles typically straddle multiple genres, yet what unites them are aspects of mystery fiction.

They frequently also end up serving as critiques of society and reminders of the negative consequences of poor mental health. Despite the fact that these situations very much exist in the actual world, the characters in these films experience events that are remarkably different from reality. These on-screen scenarios can provide just the perfect tension and creeping highs if handled well.

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Here are the top Hindi mystery thrillers available on OTT platforms:

1. Talaash

Amir Khan plays Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat, who is sent to the scene after a famous actor has a terrible accident, and he serves as the protagonist of the plot. However, the police officer struggles to give the case his full focus because of the recent death of his 8-year-old child, which led to disputes with his wife.

Nonetheless, inquiries are made, and Surjan finds a money trail linking the late actor to other participants, including an escort named Rosie. Mumbai’s underworld eventually reveals a surprise that no one expected as the accident’s mystery becomes more complex.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Netflix

2. No Smoking

The 2007 thriller “No Smoking” will keep you up at night. Anurag Kashyap, a well-known director known for showing life’s dark and terrible sides, directed it. The movie’s primary character is K, a chain smoker looking for a guru’s help to quit.

John Abraham perfectly portrays k. The events that follow will assist K in realising how expensive it would be for him to give up his addiction. Ayesha Takia, Paresh Rawal, Ranvir Shorey, and Kiku Sharda play important roles in the movie.

Where to watch: Zee5

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3. Badlapur

The lead actors in Sriram Raghavan’s action thriller “Badlapur” are Varun Dhawan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It is based on Massimo Carlotto’s book “Death’s Black Abyss,” which was written in Italy. Raghav Purohit, the movie’s main character, was shot by bank robber Liaq, who also had a partner named Harman.

As a result, Raghav Purohit lost his wife and child. Raghav can no longer overlook or forgive the robbers, so after 15 years, he plans to wreak revenge on them. In his pursuit of justice for his son and wife, Raghav transcends all ethical boundaries and wreaks havoc in the lives of these criminals.

Where to watch: Zee5

4. Haseen Dilruba

The list of Hindi suspense movies expands in 2021 with the release of “Haseen Dilruba,” starring Taapsee Pannu, Vikrant Massey, and Harshvardhan Rane. You are drawn into the worlds of desire, murder, marriage, and vengeance in Vinil Mathew’s film.

A woman is identified as a suspect in the murder of her spouse during a murder inquiry. As the interrogation continues, she gives gory details about her marriage, which further complicates matters.

Where to watch: Netflix

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5. Bob Biswas

The calendar for 2021 also includes the Hindi thriller starring Abhishek Bachchan and Chitrangda Singh. In addition, 2012’s Bob Biswas is a spin-off suspense movie.

Yet you wouldn’t want to miss seeing Abhishek Bachchan and Singh together. The daughter of “Kahaani” director Sujoy Ghosh, Divya Annapurna Ghosh, directs the movie.

Where to watch: Zee5