Elon Musk is thinking about charging a fee for embedded tweets, among other features

Can you imagine having to pay a fee to use one of Twitter embedded tweets as part of any publication you make? Well, Elon Musk apparently has plans to charge one to every single media outlet that uses them in order to add more context to any publication.

The deal to buy Twitter is still not completed, securing the funding wasn’t difficult but Reuters reported that Musk allegedly spoke to the bank and convinced them by telling them he would begin charging fees for different features inside the platform. These fees would only apply when you are using a tweet of a verified profile, but it appears Elon Musk didn’t think this through.

Any news outlet would have to completely ignore Twitter for their articles, while today they are using tweets on a regular basis that facilitates their content creation. If these fees beging applying, there’s a chance that all news outlets will simply do a screenshot of any tweet and instantly defeat Musk’s purpose.

Also, Elon has plans to reportedly replace CEO Parag Agrawal with a person he apparently already chose but refused to disclose their name just yet. Musk is planning to have someone who responds to him as the CEO and help him get a more established subscription-based program for Twitter Blue. But the entire Twitter world would go crazyy if Musk suddenly decided to monetize some of the platform’s most basic features.

Musk is out of control on his own Twitter account.

Elon Musk has also gone out of the rails with his recent Twitter take over in the form of outlandish tweets of many different topics. From his already famous intention to buy Coca-Cola, to his feud with Bill Gates or Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and his most recent tweet supporting use of psychedelic drugs as a replacement of prescription medicine to treat depression.

It’s almost as if he felt he was already the platform’s owner and simply didn’t care about having filters anymore. We get that he loves the trolling aspect of Twitter but that’s what other sites such as Reddit or 4chan are for, right?