Eleanor Williams jailed for eight and a half years for lying about being raped and groomed

The judge said: “It is troubling to say the least that she shows no significant signs of remorse – even continuing to profess the truth of her allegations.”

He went on: “There is no explanation for why the defendant would commit these offences. She has gone to extraordinary lengths to create false accusations, including causing herself significant injury. No explanation for his behaviour is apparent.”

Describing Mr Trengove’s ordeal, the judge said his house had been spray painted with the word ‘rapist’.

He went on: “His mother had to leave her house. He was remanded into custody between May and August 2019. Even when he was released, his bail condition meant he had to live far from home for a further 19 days. When he returned to Barrow he was abused in the street by strangers.”

The court was told he had since had a child but social services had received scores of anonymous phone calls calling him a rapist and saying he is not safe to be with his child.

Superintendent Matthew Pearman, of Cumbria Police: “It is important to note that Williams’ allegations could not have been taken any more seriously when she initially came forward. A large-scale investigation was launched and those she made allegations against were arrested and interviewed.

“This has been a lengthy, complex and ultimately tragic case, as well as a dark period for Barrow.

“I hope that the full story, now it is in the public domain, will demonstrate that the police take allegations of sexual and physical abuse extremely seriously and will investigate thoroughly.”