Deutsche Telekom Outlines Its 5G Rollout Progress Across Europe

Deutsche Telekom Outlines Its 5G Rollout Progress Across Europe

German carrier Deutsche Telekom has been expanding 5G Networks across its home market and in other markets it operates. Deutsche Telekom recently announced that its 5G network already reaches 95% of the German population. 5G Networks bring many advantages compared to previous-generation networks, including capacity, speeds and a great experience for both consumers and telcos.

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Deutsche Telekom’s Dominique Leroy, Board Member for Europe, shared an update on how Deutsche Telekom’s national companies are bringing mobile networks throughout Europe. Let’s read and know the progress of 5G deployments by Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom 5G Deployments Across Markets

Deutsche Telekom said that based on the market and country of operation, due to the timing and conditions of spectrum auctions or regulations, the 5G rollout varies. Germany is a segment on its own, and the Europe segment of Deutsche Telekom includes ten countries (Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary), where the company achieved a population coverage of 47 per cent overall. Deutsche Telekom is targeting 65% population coverage by the end of 2023.

5G Coverage in Greece

The telco achieved over 80 percent of overall population coverage in Greece with 5G Network, followed by Athens with 97 percent and in Thessaloniki 90 percent.

5G Coverage in Montenegro

The 5G Network coverage reached 70 percent of the population in Montenegro.

5G Coverage in North Macedonia

The telco is the leading provider in North Macedonia in terms of 5G coverage, with 60 percent of the population in overall 27 cities and is aiming at 70 percent 5G coverage by the end of 2023.

5G Coverage in Poland

In Poland, Deutsche Telekom is aiming at almost 60 percent population coverage by the end of 2023.

5G Coverage in Austria

Austria’s 5G Network coverage reached 56 percent with more than 2,500 5G sites.

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5G Coverage in Croatia

In Croatia, 51 percent of the population has access to 5G, with Hrvatski Telekom being the fastest 5G network in the country.

5G Coverage in Slovakia

Slovakia’s 5G coverage just reached 40 percent and encloses most of the major cities.

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5G Coverage in Hungary

Last year, Hungary’s outdoor residential 5G coverage saw an almost twofold increase, thanks to the modernization of the base station by up to 60 percent. This modernization has opened up potential avenues for expanding future services.

Network in Czechia

In Czechia, the telco’s network received appreciation for being the best and fastest mobile network with the best coverage.

5G Coverage in Romania

In Romania, Telekom Romania will start with 5G this year.

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Deutsche Telekom said, despite variations in the rollout of 5G throughout the European countries where Deutsche Telekom is present, the telco has achieved significant progress in making the networks of the future accessible to everyone.