Costs of installing solar panels could be reduced by up to €1,000 as a result of VAT cut


Costs of installing solar panels could be reduced by up to €1,000, under new plans to be introduced by Environment Minister Eamon Ryan.

he savings would be achieved from the abolition of VAT on the supply and installation of solar panels on homes and public buildings.

The plan, which the Government is set to sign off on, would result in a saving of around €1,000 on the cost of installing the panels on an average home.

According to the Green Party leader, given the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) provides a grant for solar installation of up to €2,400, it means the total average home solar installation will come down to around €5,600.

“This welcome Government move is yet another step on Ireland’s journey to cleaner, cheaper, renewable energy.

“It also comes as we begin our major plans to put solar panels on all of our schools by 2025, starting this summer break.”

The VAT change in Ireland will be introduced in the Spring Finance Bill.

In November last year at the party’s annual convention, Mr Ryan said that he would fast-track new measures to break Ireland’s dependence on fossil fuels within the lifetime of this Government.

He indicated that by 2025, it should be possible to generate enough solar energy on sunny afternoons to power the entire country.

Previously, the Government targeted 2030 as the year it would be able to reach similar solar targets.

“I’m signalling that we can bring forward our solar power targets by five years so that we will have installed 5,000MW of capacity by the time this Government finishes its term,” he said at that point.