Corrie’s Jodie Prenger says she made a ‘weirdo’ of herself meeting Bill Roache

We’d be nervous too! (Pictures: ITV)

Meeting anyone in the acting industry can be a daunting experience – but can you imagine coming face to face with Coronation Street legend William Roache?

Yes, legend – the man has been in Corrie since the very first episode!

Meeting the world record holder was something theatre star Jodie Prenger was recently tasked with, after securing the role as Glenda – George’s (Tony Maudsley) sister.

We caught up with Jodie recently. She was hilarious and beyond thrilled to be working alongside absolute icons…

But meeting Bill Roache didn’t exactly go as smoothly as she hoped.

‘I don’t know what I did with my body’, Jodie laughed.

‘It was halfway a curtsy and I went to do a shake and it just didn’t work out and I just made a bit of a weirdo of myself, but he was so lovely. So you do meet these people and go to call them by their [character] names. But it’s lovely to meet everybody.

‘My very first scene was in the Rovers and I got ready really early. Not because I wanted to be there, I was just scared I didn’t turn up on time. Then I got there and it’s hard to describe but there’s a little corner with a picture board of all the characters, and I could feel the tears start to come down my face. One of the crew came over to me and I said “I’m so sorry, I knew I’d get like this.” It was a really special moment. I remember driving up to the gates at ITV.’

She smiled: ‘It felt like I was at MGM Studios, it was amazing. I didn’t need a trip to Disney World, I was already here. I sound really sycophantic, but it does have that effect on you, which is lovely.’

The role of Glenda was created especially for Jodie – what an honour! Now settled into her role, Jodie is definitely enjoying her new job:

‘Do you know what, you come in and you think, “they won’t be the same in real life” and they are. Everybody’s made me feel so welcome. When you come to an institution that’s been going since 1960 you think everyone’s in their little families and units, but trust me, everybody has gone out of their way to make me feel welcome. I’d never be able to say thank you enough for that. It’s meant a lot to me.

Jodie’s character, Glenda, is going to be a lot of fun (Picture: ITV)

‘I’m glad I’ve done what I’ve done before, especially with the character of Glenda because she just pulls on all the life experience possible. For me it’s come at such a good point in my life, it has come at the right time for me.’

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