Corrie spoiler video: Carla expresses concern over Stephen – is he dangerous?

Sorry, this video isn’t available yet.

Carla Connor (Alison King) is about the only person in Coronation Street wondering if there’s more to Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) than meets the eye.

Following his return, a false perception of Stephen has been built up, the Weatherfield residents believe that he’s absolutely loaded and his business in Milan is more successful than ever before.

We know this view of Stephen is the wrong one as in a recent episode, he wasn’t able to extend the overdraft with his bank and had to use Gabrielle Reid’s card in order to pay for Audrey’s (Sue Nicholls) afternoon tea with her friends.

The mystery of who Gabrielle Reid is aside, we’re left wondering if Stephen is hiding more than a few money problems thanks to this new video.

In the pub, Carla is chatting to Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Ken (William Roache) about Stephen, who wants to collaborate with Underworld for business (and cash, obviously).

After a few jokes, Peter and Ken are both in agreement that hiring Stephen could be really beneficial for the company, but Carla addresses the fact she doesn’t get a good vibe from Sarah’s (Tina O’Brien) uncle – at all.

Carla isn’t quite sure about Stephen (Pictures: ITV)

Should we be worried?

He’s financially struggling, yes, but what other secrets could Stephen be hiding?

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