Character found dead in a pool as evil Stephen kills again in Corrie

The list keeps getting longer (Picture: ITV)

It was never going to be long until Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) kills someone again in Coronation Street and next week, the cycle begins once more.

The running theme with Stephen’s victims is that they all got too close to the truth and threatened to tell someone who the real Stephen Reid is.

For Leo (Joe Frost), it was telling the Platt family all about Stephen’s money problems and for Teddy (Grant Burgin), it was revealing that Stephen had more to do with his son’s death than he initially thought.

Next week, attention turns to Rufus (Steven Meo) – the dodgy businessman who was taking drugs in front of Stephen once, which gave him the idea to spike Carla’s (Alison King) drinks with LSD.

The problem with Rufus is, he knows about Stephen drugging Carla and has told him that he can quite easily reveal the truth to Peter (Chris Gascoyne) or someone at Underworld so, as predicted, this has put Stephen in a difficult position.

Coming up, as Rufus heads out after another meeting about the Nippersnapper deal, Michael (Ryan Russell) shows Suki in (the reporter from the Gazette).

While Stephen and Suki conduct their interview, Michael gets annoyed as he’s continuously overlooked and decides to leave.

When Stephen orders Michael back to work, he takes great pleasure in telling him that he can stick his job as he’s meeting Rufus later about an offer in London.

Towards the end of the week, after failing to meet up with Rufus, Michael goes to see him at his house, with Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) going along too.

However, when they get there, they find police everywhere.

When the housekeeper approaches, she tells Ronnie and Michael that Rufus is dead and she found his body in the swimming pool.

With previous spoilers stating that Stephen’s next victim will drown, we can safely assume that he was responsible for Rufus’ death…but what…or rather who, is next?

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