Casualty star George Rainsford exit confirmed amid co-star tributes?

The actor has played Ethan since 2014 (Picture: BBC)

Casualty fans are continuing to wonder if George Rainsford has left the medical drama.

The actor, who currently plays Ethan Hardy in the show, recently shared a snap on social media of a script from a previous episode, telling his followers that he came across it when ‘clearing out’ his dressing room.

‘Just clearing out my dressing room drawer and look what scene I found!,’ he wrote on Instagram, alongside a picture of the screenplay, which was the episode that saw Ethan find out Cal had died.

Fans flocked to the comments for clarification, hoping to find out if George was set to depart.

George’s post comes shortly after a Twitter interaction with director Duncan Foster, which similarly led fans to the conclusion that the soap star was departing.

‘@duncanfo Lovely last ep of #Casualty,’ he wrote back in June. ‘Some gorgeous shots (relatives room through the window, post crash birds-eye view etc!)’

Duncan replied, telling George that he ‘loves it’ at Casualty, and that he’ll be back in November to shoot some more.

‘Glad they’ve got you back,’ responded George. ‘I won’t be around then! Until the next time!’

Casualty did not comment when approached by

The actor’s most recent Instagram post features him alongside Amanda Henderson, who plays Robyn Miller in the show.

Within the comments, Amanda said: ‘How have you put up with me for 9 years!!’, responding to George’s caption that highlights how long they’ve been friends.

George’s first appearance as Ethan Hardy aired at the start of 2014 – a time when Robyn was already in the show – which certainly coincides with the Instagram comments.

George has also received a comment from Sunetra Sarker, who used to play Zoe Hanna in Casualty.

She wrote: ‘What a speedy rotation that was Dr Hardy- see you in Dr Hanna’s post Cas worlds end pub ;)’, which also adds to speculation he will soon be a former Casualty star.

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