British gap year student paralysed after bison attack in US state park

“I remember feeling the pressure on my hip, my hip being pushed back, and I remember the sensation of flying in the air and going head over heels,” she told KOTA-TV from her hospital bed in Rapid City, where she has been staying since the attack seven weeks ago.

“The bison stuck around and his hoofs were right over my head. It’s a miracle I even lived until the ambulance got there, let alone kept my life and my leg,” she added.

However, nerve damage has caused her to be paralysed below the left knee.

“I have basically no movement in my foot. I can’t walk without a walker or crutches. I can’t walk very far, about 20 metres, and I’m done for a long time,” she said.

Her mother and father have been at her bedside and are looking to raise the £140,000 needed to transfer their daughter to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and pay for specialist treatment.

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