Braverman’s Rwanda deportation plan backed by public poll


Voters still back plans to deport illegal migrants to Rwanda when the government has cleared legal hurdles, an exclusive poll has revealed. The findings by Techne UK show that 45 percent support the proposal while 41 percent oppose it. The survey of 1,624 people for has come as Suella Braverman today insisted that the proposal, first put together by her predecessor Priti Patel, is safe and will go ahead.

Ms Braverman has just returned from a visit to Rwanda where she viewed facilities for illegal migrants.

The plan was always meant to be a deterrent for illegal migrants making the dangerous crossing in small boats across the English Channel to break the business model of people smugglers and human traffickers.

However, it was held up after a ruling by the strasbourg based European Court of Human Rights temporarily blocked the flights with a judge who was not named and where the UK government was unable initially to make its case.

The Techne UK survey revealed that a majority of those who expressed an opinion in every age and socio-economic category support the plan.

Additionally on balance both Leave (48 percent to 38 percent) voters and Remain supporters (46 percent to 44 percent) from 2016 back the proposal.

The main category against the Rwanda plan is 2019 Labour voters who backed Jeremy Corbyn’s hard left push to become Prime Minister.

They oppose it by 48 percent to 40 percent.

The poll is problematic for the Labour Party who under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership have opposed the Rwanda plan.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper has made opposing the deal with the east African country one of the main planks of her migration policy along with opening up “safe and legal routes” for migrants to legally claim asylum.

Ms Cooper branded the plan unworkable”, “unethical” and “extortionately expensive”, adding that it was a “damaging distraction from the urgent action the Government should be taking to go after the criminal gangs and sort out the asylum system”.

But Ms Braverman has argued that Labour “does not have a plan” and just opposes the measures brought forward by the Government.

She has also warned that Labour’s proposals to open up more safe and legal routes will open the doors to millions of illegal migrants.

Ms Braverman is currently pushing the Illegal Migration Bill through Parliament which will allow the government to deport migrants arriving here illegally within 28 days.

Last year 45,000 people arrived on small boats across the Channel and there are fears that with milder weatcher coming thousands more will start to come over this year.

Ms Braverman this morning was confronted by the BBC with claims that five years ago a group of refugees were shot in Rwanda.

But she dismissed the out of date view of an emerging African country which has just been allowed to join and host the Commonwealth.

She said: “That might be 2018, we’re looking at 2023 and beyond.

“The High Court, senior expert judges, have looked into the detail of our arrangement with Rwanda and found it to be a safe country and found our arrangements to be lawful.”

She insisted that Rwanda has “a track record of successfully resettling and integrating people who are refugees or asylum seekers”.