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t’s not always convenient to get the door when the doorbell goes off.

Perhaps you’ve just stepped into the bath, or settled into your cosy nook on the sofa. Heck, you may not even be at home when someone comes to call.

Sure, it’s a first world problem, with a suitably first world solution: a high-tech video doorbell that can act as your digital doorman.

Enter Amazon, the online giant selling just about every product under the sun. As well as stocking big brands on its virtual shelves, the company also makes its own line of electronics, and the Ring Video Doorbell is one of its brightest stars.

Needing no special skills to install, the doorbell houses a video camera within the body, allowing you to monitor doorstep visitors and delivery people when you’re not in or can’t come to the door. Prices start from around £100 upwards, with a bigger price tag if you’re getting a bundle to make your home smarter. Such a hefty outlay means such home security is out of most people’s budgets. Except, that is, for when the sales come to call.

When is Amazon’s Spring Sale?

It all kicks off next week, starting at 6pm of March 27 and finishing at just before midnight on March 29.

What is the difference between the Amazon Spring Sale and Amazon’s Prime Day?

Unlike Amazon’s Prime Day sale, you won’t need a subscription to join in with the Spring one. Simply head to Amazon and scoop up discounted products for home delivery.

When is Amazon Prime Day in 2023?

It usually takes place in July and all signs point to it returning to its high summer billing this year. As soon as we get the exact dates confirmed, we’ll update this piece with the latest information. The sale started as a way to treat loyal Prime customers to rub-your-eyes low prices and it’s a tradition that they’re sticking to. The only way to take advantage of the deals and stone-cold bargains in the sale is by signing up for Amazon Prime.

It’s well worth it, as membership unlocks the entire Amazon universe. You’ll be able to stream hit shows and movies on Prime Video, play to your heart’s content on Prime Gaming and get premium grocery delivery services. Thanks to a partnership with Deliveroo, you can even get discounts on takeaways!

All this for £8.99 a month or £95 a year, which works out a little cheaper. Amazon Student membership fees are even more of a bargain, costing £4.49 per month; £47.49 per year. We know times are tight though, so if you’re unsure about the affordability, sign up for a free trial to see what all the fuss is about.

What kind of deals can we expect in the upcoming Spring Sale?

As a bestseller, Ring Video doorbells have been discounted for every sale since they first launched. If you’re a new customer, consider the bundles which offer far more value than buying the doorbell on its own, especially if your goal is to have an entirely smart home.

Are there any discounts still available now?

Yes! The sale is officially over, but there are still deals available to snap up right now. Keep scrolling, and get ready to save.

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