Bell Expands Fibre Internet Access to More Locations in Canada

Bell Expands Fibre Internet Access to More Locations in Canada

Bell, Canada’s largest communications company, providing advanced broadband wireless, internet, and other services, has announced the expansion of its pure fiber internet services to homes and businesses in Lincoln, Essex Centre and Harrow. This expansion will bring all-fibre broadband access to approximately 7,000 additional locations in the Town of Lincoln and 3,000 additional locations in Essex Centre and Harrow by 2024.

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Bell Pure Fibre Expansion

This broadband expansion program, fully funded by Bell, will provide high-capacity 100 percent fibre connections with download and upload speeds of up to 3 Gbps, including Bell Fibe TV service. According to the statement, Bell’s Lincoln expansion is part of a USD 17 million investment to bring direct fibre network connections to locations throughout the Town of Lincoln over the next two years.

Bell says that it is committed to fulfilling its purpose of improving how Canadians connect with each other and the world by investing in state-of-the-art broadband networks using its fully funded investments.

Earlier in January, Bell Introduced 3 Gigabit internet speeds and 5G+ services in select areas of Atlantic Canada. Bell 5G+ is available in select communities in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia. With Bell 5G+, mobile speeds in Halifax are 50 percent more than before.

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Bell Partners with Palo Alto Networks for Cloud Security Solutions

In another Enterprise and Security related update, Bell partnered with Palo Alto Networks to help Canadian businesses identify threats and protect their cloud-based data. Bell has unveiled two new cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) solutions aimed at helping Canadian businesses manage their cloud security more effectively.

The Cloud Security Posture Assessment (CSPA) powered by Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud and Cloud Security Posture Protection (CSPP) solutions are designed to detect threats to enterprise data in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments. These advanced cybersecurity solutions offer managed services to safeguard data and ensure maximum protection.