Armed man arrested after entering KFC in Plymouth with gun

A man has been arrested after being suspected of entering a KFC in Plymouth with a gas-powered handgun. Devon and Cornwall Police have said that the suspect entered KFC on Union Street and “waved the weapon around”.

The man was first seen with the weapon on Union Street before he entered the fast-food chain.

Police have revealed that no one was injured during the incident and that the weapon was recovered on scene.

The force was called to the street around 9:57pm where they arrested the suspect and took him into custody.

Enquiries into the incident are still ongoing.

A spokesperson for the police said that following an inspection of the firearm, it is not believed to be “viable”.

The spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “There were reports of a male in the street brandishing a handgun.

“The male then went into KFC on Union Street and waved the weapon around.

“Police have attended and the male has been detained and the weapon has been recovered.”

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Jake Davison, 22, killed five people including his mother in an attack with a shotgun which lasted eight minutes on August 12.

After shooting his mother Maxine Davison, 51, he went to the Keyham area of Plymouth and his actions caused the deaths of Lee Martyn, 43, his three-year-old daughter Sophie Martyn, Stephen Washington, 59, and Kate Shepherd, 66.

Davison, who shot himself before Police apprehended him, had searched the internet for information about serial killers and posted on incel-forums with offensive, hateful, and disturbing comments and videos.