All the key astrological dates in August – and what they mean for you

What’s happening this month? (Picture: Getty/

Look to the skies, and the earth, for guidance in living your life attuned to the natural flow of cosmic energy all around you.

When you match up your actions to ‘power days’ on the calendar you can enjoy a boost of positivity and good fortune to the end results you’re looking for.

August is the fruition of summer, of growth and fertility and life force. It is a time of celebration, reaping what you have sown, enjoying the good things in life, and basking in the gifts and glow of summer.

This is a happy, fulfilling, loving time of year. Prioritise relationships, family, love, and passion. Follow your desires, ignite your inspirations, seek pleasure.

Find out all about August and what dates you need to mark on your calendar for what specific actions ahead.

August 4, Mercury moves into Virgo

You might feel tempted to criticise, moan and nag (don’t we all) with the influence of precise Virgo over your communication style with Mercury, but do resist. Try to land your message in a different way (encouragement, planting an idea, complimenting a strength). Be positive.

August 11, Venus moves into Leo

Major passion and sexual chemistry lies in store with this transit. Turn up the heat, get intimate, feel sexy. You can make your love life feel super hot and spicy these coming weeks. Ooo la la.

August 12, Full Moon in Aquarius

Truth, invention, clarity and humanitarian efforts are themes to reflect on this Full Moon. What can YOU bring to life to make your corner of the world a better place? Think about your circle of influence.

The planetary movements can have an impact on us (Picture: buradaki via Getty Images)

August 20, Mars moves into Gemini

You’ll be tempted to debate and turn everything into an intellectual, rational dissection and discussion. That’s okay but don’t overdo it, other people might feel weary of everything being long-winded. Keep your assertions concise and don’t labour your points overly.

August 22, Virgo season

The Virgo mentality is all about being helpful, supportive, precise, organised, and attentive. Bring these traits to the fore. It’s a great season to de-clutter, audit and review processes, upgrade tech, sort of your administration, streamline your chores. Make life flow easier.

August 24, Uranus Retrograde

Reflect on things in 2022 that have thrown you off kilter. Look for a life lesson or wisdom. Sit with your setbacks. See an angle which you previously have not, and in that find a nugget of insight that sheds a new light on this event. In short, seek the silver lining.

August 27, New Moon in Virgo

This provides a two-week window to get organised, de-clutter, create new systems and processes to make your life run smoother, change around your home, make a new schedule. It’s also a great phase to implement career improvements or changes, or make your money work harder for you. Practical Virgo can help make your life run better.

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