Alex Jones finally admits Sandy Hook massacre was ‘100% real’

Alex Jones testifies in his defense at his defamation trial (Picture: AP)

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones admitted for the first time that the Sandy Hook school shooting was ‘100% real’, after listening to the emotional testimony of a victim’s mother.

In the continuation of his defamation trial on Wednesday, lawyers for Sandy Hook parents Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis asked Jones if he understood how irresponsible it was to promote the conspiracy theory.

‘It was. Especially since I’ve met the parents,’ Jones said. ‘It’s 100% real.’

However, Jones also confirmed that he really believed what he said when he called the shooting staged.

‘When I say something I mean it. I really could believe that it was totally staged at that point,’ he said.

Jones said because some of the report was classified and redacted, it ‘made some people think they were being lied to about what really happened’.

Jones also tried to downplay the role Sandy Hook had in promoting his InfoWars show.

‘I know it was a topic that the public was interested in, so it would resurface from time to time,’ he said.

Jones claimed he was ‘under a lot of pressure’ when he made those statements, and tried to blame his then-ongoing divorce and family problems before Heslin and Lewis’s lawyers objected.

Lewis was given the opportunity to address Jones to his face.

‘There’s records of Jesse’s birth. Of me. I have a history,’ she said. ‘And there’s nothing you could have found because it doesn’t exist. That I’m deep state. It’s just not true. I know you know that.

Alex Jones was not in the courtroom to hear Heslin’s testimony, which Heslin called ‘a cowardly act’. Instead, Jones was in his studio recording an episode of his InfoWars show, which broadcast today.

In the episode, Jones blamed the media and claimed the parents were being manipulated. He attacked Heslin and Lewis directly, calling the grieving father ‘slow’.

‘He is being manipulated by some very bad people. And I’ll just say it because I’m going to be honest. He’s slow. Ok? His ex-wife is not,’ Jones said.

In the courtroom on Wednesday, Lewis admonished Jones’s actions.

‘That’s the problem. You keep saying it. You keep saying it’.

Jones seemed to nod in agreement with her.

‘I know you believe me. And yet you’re going to leave this courthouse, and you’re going to say it again on your show,’ Lewis said.

Yesterday, Heslin testified that it was ‘too late’ for Alex Jones to issue an apology. The couple are seeking $150million in damages. Heslin said this was ‘only way to put a stop’ to Jones continuing to speak about the family.

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