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6 Troubling Batman V Superman Behind The Scenes Rumours You Need To Know

Is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in trouble? For months now, there has been talk of possible behind the scenes issues with the movie Warner Bros. are relying on to launch their DC Films Universe, but just how much of it is true and should fans be concerned that the fight/team-up they’ve spent years dreaming about is going to end up being a horrible disaster?Honestly, it’s hard to say, but it’s sad to see so many so-called “fans” rooting against it succeeding (apparently there’s just not enough room for both Marvel and DC movies in cinemas). That aside though, and the past few weeks have seen the rumour mill go into overdrive as new claims start emerging from apparent studio insiders and even those who claim to have seen the film already.

Sadly, pretty much none of these reports have been particularly positive, and it appears as if Warner Bros. are beginning to get very antsy over the version of Batman v Superman which has been delivered to them by Zack Snyder. In all honesty, only one of the following claims needs to be true for things to go wrong for the DC Films slate, and even Justice League may not be safe.

As always, any rumour should be taken with a pinch of salt, but here you will find the six most troubling claims about a movie which is starting to sound more and more like another Green Lantern…